[Pre-Sale] Neil deGrasse Tyson - Letters from an Astrophysicist

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Join the galactic conversation on the biggest issues in the universe, from the 'most popular scientist in the world'

"Don't fear change. Don't fear failure. The only thing to fear is loss of ambition. But if you've got plenty of that, then you have nothing to fear at all"
Neil deGrasse Tyson

Experience the awe-inspiring wisdom of the world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson in his most personal book yet. As director of the Hayden Planetarium and host of Cosmos and StarTalk, Tyson has dedicated his life to unlocking the mysteries of the universe and inspiring others to do the same.

In this book, Tyson shares his responses to thousands of letters he receives each year from people seeking understanding, meaning, and truth. From students to prisoners, scientists to priests, the letters cover a vast array of topics, from God to the history of science, from aliens to death.

With humor, insight, and mind-blowing revelations, Tyson bares his soul, sharing his passions, doubts, and hopes. The central theme of the book is our place in the universe, as Tyson explores the big questions that have fascinated humanity for centuries.

Through the pages of this intimate portal into Tyson's incredible mind, readers will discover the power of the universe to start conversations and inspire curiosity. Whether you're a scientist or a layperson, this book will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the mysteries of the cosmos and our place within it.