Jamie Metzl - Hacking The Coronavirus: The Future Of Our World

The globe was in the midst of a viral pandemic. Economies are going belly-up, trickling to a halt, while economists speculate that a recession is coming—or is it already here? Many will lose their livelihoods. Others will suffer even more. Grim enough for you? But when the dust clears and the human species crawls out after months of hibernation and a severely restricted lifestyle, what will our future look like?

Technology Futurist, Geopolitics Specialist, and Sci-Fi Novelist Dr Jamie Metzl is here to tell you.

“We’re in the grip of a global pandemic, and it’s squeezing us into an unfamiliar, but not entirely new, shape. So, is it all bad?”

A sought-out expert with an impressively large range of knowledge, Jamie is an influential communicator in topics as varied as human genome editing, extending our lifespans, the ethics of our technology, technological advancement, and virtual reality. With a keen eye on Asia, his insights into Asian economic and political issues are also in high demand. Jamie’s writing is consistently featured in the world’s most popular publications. Oh, and he’s a regular contributor on CNN, BBC, and Bloomberg—to name just a few.

Boasting an impressive resume that features tenures as a Chief Strategy Officer in a biotechnology company, and as a partner in a global investment firm, Jamie has also lent his expertise to the World Health Organization, the U.S. National Security Council, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the United Nations. No. Big. Deal.