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Bernie Sanders and Elon Musk are back at loggerheads on Twitter. It all started last year when Musk posted a meme replying to Sanders’ proposed wealth tax.

Last week the beef reignited, with Sanders criticising the “greed” of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos. “I am accumulating resources to help make life multiplanetary & extend the light of consciousness to the stars,” Musk Tweeted in his defence.  Sanders fired back:  “Space travel is an exciting idea, but right now we need to focus on Earth”

Space travel AND focusing on Earth: ¿Porque no los dos?
Why not have both?


Australian MPs met with Washington’s top envoy in Canberra on Monday in a continued attempt to encourage the US to drop its extradition attempts against Australian citizen Julian Assange. Supporters of Mr Assange hoped that Trump would pardon him upon leaving the White House, or that Biden would opt to drop the case. But that hasn’t happened yet and Assange’s mental health is said to be really fragile right now and at substantial risk of taking his own life in prison.

Assange is currently in a jail outside of London, and in January of this year a judge in the UK blocked the US’ request to extradite him there due to his mental health concerns.

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Our cherished Aussie philosopher Peter Singer recently published a great conversation he had with some members of the Poletayev Insitute in Moscow. Philosophy buffs will love this 40 min chat that Peter has in which he talks about effective altruism and all things philosophy.

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86 year old phenom Jane Goodall has released her plant-based cookbook!

It contains 80 recipes and is called #EatMeatLess: Good For Animals, The Earth & All and tries to show that eating plant-based doesn’t need to be hard. Supposedly the book is full of beautiful food photography, and it even has a pledge in which you sign your name and make a promise to Jane to eat less meat. That pledge makes it pretty hard to go back on, I mean, could you disappoint this face?
Jane Goodall


The personal library of Professor of Humanities, Richard A. Macksey (1931-2019)

The personal library of Professor of Humanities, Richard A. Macksey (1931-2019). Professor Macksey was the epitome of an intellectual: he hosted seminars in his private library until midnight, read and wrote in 6 languages,  had an encyclopedic memory, and survived on only a few hours of sleep. His library spanned 70,000 books, including many rare manuscripts and first editions, and was worth roughly $4 million. Professor Macksey bequeathed his collection to Johns Hopkins University, the institution with which he was affiliated for over half a century.

He requested that some of the books be used to create a reading room for undergraduates—”a centre for the books, with good long hours, and with the facility and funding to get students with bibliophilic interests involved”. May we all love reading as much as Professor Macksey.

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