What Is Stoicism? Behind The Increasingly Popular Life Philosophy.

What Is Stoicism? Behind The Increasingly Popular Life Philosophy.

One of the most misunderstood terms around is Stoicism. Most people wrongly think it involves being emotionless and cold. On the contrary, it involves enjoying life and avoiding unnecessary negative emotions. If you’re seeking a rational, pragmatic, and fulfilling life philosophy, you’ll definitely find value in Stoicism.

To the Stoics, a happy life was a virtuous life. And we live a virtuous life by living according to the four cardinal virtues of prudence (practical wisdom), justice (morality), temperance (moderation), and fortitude (courage). Notice that these virtues don’t depend on anything external (outside of our control), but instead depend solely on the individual person: what we do about what happens to us, and how we think, speak and act in the world.

One key Stoic insight is the futility of worrying about external problems, because our worrying bears no influence on the outcome. Should I really have rejected that job offer? Will my newborn be healthy? Will they like me?

Today’s world is full of these kind of anxiety-inducing problems. But internalising the Stoic insight about the futility of worrying about external problems—really internalising it through Stoic techniques and practice—can bring a deep sense of happiness and tranquillity to an otherwise chaotic world.

If you want to learn how to implement Stoicism into your daily life, check out our four-week live course, How to Be a Stoic: Ancient Wisdom for a Happier Life. It includes live lectures and guided group discussions with a leading Stoic scholar.


In this four-week course, you’ll learn how to be a Stoic. We’ll explore the main themes of Stoicism; the four cardinal virtues; Stoic techniques such as the dichotomy of control and negative visualisation; Stoic advice of death, love, and relationships; and most importantly, how to practice Stoic wisdom in your daily life.

With the help of weekly readings from Marcus Aurelius, Seneca, Epictetus and others, and guided group discussions with a leading Stoic scholar, you’ll discover this ancient guide to a more happy, fulfilling, and tranquil life.

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