Think Inc. Christmas Gift Guide: Clever Gifting This Christmas

Think Inc. Christmas Gift Guide: Clever Gifting This Christmas

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your intellectually-curious loved ones, look no further than these ten engaging books. Whether your loved one is a fan of space, physics, the cosmos, ethics and social issues, or anything in between, this clever gifting guide can help you find the perfect gift for this Christmas!

1. The Hidden Reality

Brian Greene’s The Hidden Reality tackles one of the most complex and sought-after questions of modern physics and cosmology. Is our universe the only universe?


This book takes you on a journey through theories of possible multiverses and, using his trademark wit and precision, presents a captivating read that any fan of cosmology won't want to miss.

2. The Strange Death of Europe (Signed)

The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray is not only an analysis of the demographic and political realities of European cultures but also an eyewitness account of the continent as it continues to self-destruct. In this book, Murray travels through Berlin, Paris, Scandinavia, Lampedusa, and Greece.

3. Dr. Cornel West – Race Matters, 25th Anniversary (Signed)

First published in 1993, Race Matters contains Dr. Cornel West's most incisive essays on the problems black Americans face and the issues that are most relevant to them. This 25th-anniversary edition contains a new introduction in which Dr. West addresses the current movements — such as Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock.

4. The Greatest Story Ever Told... So Far

In The Greatest Story Ever Told… So Far, Lawrence Krauss dives into how humanity has reached its current understanding of the universe. He explains our understanding of nature and connects the invisible world around us back to the world we know and understand today, and he does all of this in a relatable and exciting way so anyone can read and understand — even if you're just starting out on your intellectual journey.

5. Practical Ethics

Peter Singer’s Practical Ethics is revered as the classic introduction to applied ethics. If your loved one is a fan of ethics and would be interested in learning more about the ethical challenges of our lives as citizens and the daily effects of climate change, this book may be an excellent choice for you.

6. Rob Brooks - Sex, Genes and Rock 'n' Roll: How Evolution has Shaped the Modern World

Author Rob Brooks is an evolutionary biologist who argues that the origins of many of our 21st-century problems arise where the ancient forces of evolution collide with modern economics and culture. Sex, Genes and Rock ‘n’ Roll explores many different topics — such as making music, fertility, obesity, consumption, aging, etc.

7. Toby Walsh - 2062: The World that AI Made (Signed)

Professor Toby Walsh, one of the 100 rock stars of Australia's digital revolution and a world leader in artificial intelligence, considers the impact of AI on work, politics, war, everyday human life, economics, and human death. Based on the understanding of technology and its implications, 2062 explores the choices we need to make today to keep our future looking bright.

8. The Particle at the End of the Universe: Hunt for the Higgs and the Discovery of a New World

In The Particle at the End of the Universe, acclaimed science writer and Caltech physicist Sean Caroll reveals the rivalry, insights, and wonder that fuelled the Higgs discovery. You can get to the very edge of modern physics at home in this riveting read!

9. Unveiled: How Western Liberals Empower Radical Islam (Signed)

In Yasmine Mohammed’s Unveiled, you can get a glimpse into the life of a woman born in the West and raised in a fundamental Islamic home. As a college educator for over fifteen years, Mohammed's goal is to unveil the truth about Islam, guide readers through political correctness and media narratives, and reject outright lies to encourage readers to come to their own conclusions given the information.

10. StarTalk: Everything You Ever Need to Know About Space Travel, Sci-Fi, the Human Race, the Universe, and Beyond

Whether you are familiar with Neil Degrasse Tyson from his popular podcast and National Geographic Channel TV show or not, Startalk offers a beautifully illustrated and eye-opening journey for anyone interested in learning more about the universe.

Maybe you are known as the person who always comes to the Christmas party with weird or smart gifts, or you're looking to change it up this year and bring something new to the table for an intellectually-driven niece, nephew, or other family member. Whatever the reason, you can find everything you could ever need with the right book.

We hope that you were able to find a great option for your loved one with this Christmas gift guide, but if none of these books stands out to you (or you've already gifted the one that does), you can check out our website for more incredible book recommendations!

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